A *Very* Brief History of Photography

Most people don’t think photography was invented until the 1800s. These people are crazy, or they have better things to do than detailed research history. I mean, in a sense, they’ve got the point, if we take silver nitrate into consideration. But some of the real breakthroughs in 21st Century photography were created in the 9th Century. Take a moment and wrap that around your head. People were using photographic technique and process more than 2,000 years ago!

Photography has been created long before the first photograph introduced in the year of 1826. For the human being, it was, of course, a breakthrough that caught the interest of science and technology circles. I would not be wrong to say that photography has since then in the process but slowly been creating some milestones over the years and was a popular business and source for portraiture among the middle classes by the year of 1847. By the year of 1907, color photography appeared in the market.

As a matter of fact, the developmental history of photography was very slow in its earlier times. However, many new technologies became the part of the photography world that hastened its growth and sophistication. These days, with lots of modern technologies crisscrossing complementation of benefit from each other, enhancements and innovations applied to the camera system has brought photography even to the ubiquitous mobile phone. We can say that this has made an average individual more ignorant of the real essence of photography.

For your concern, photography has two faces. First one is an ordinary user who does not care about the quality of his photographic products. So long as the images in the pictures he captures are recognizable as an image of his friend, for example, the photography is alright and can be kept as a memento or can say for any other similar purpose. In general, this comprises the majority of those individuals who are happy with the use of their mobile phone devices as their functional “main” camera.

The hobbyists and professional photographers are known as another face of photography. These people are themselves divided into two sub-faces. Despite the amazing capabilities of the new digital camera system, many in this category of photo aficionados prefer the old fashioned robust models using film rolls. The fact is that they contend that products from such camera systems are more artful. Besides, they say there are a few special effects not doable with the advanced digital camera system.

It has been observed that the digital camera able users are probably not as snobbish and sensitive as the old-fashioned aficionados. In actual, they believe anything, and everything can be easily done with their raw digital products. Moreover to the point, graphics utility applications such as Photoshop can handle when it comes to creating magic on digital images no film-eater product can be rendered on.

To arms, lads, and ladies! Now is the time for anyone with the passion for the captured image to get serious and get educated. Even for those of you who are real, really talented, remember talent can take you most of the way, but not all the way. At least that’s what I keep hearing. A solid education can make the shadows go away and expose you to a world of photographic arcana. Photography takes all and celebrates few. Give yourself every advantage.

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